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What is a Psychometric Test?

Which one obeys the rule?

Psychometric Test Example Picture

Answer - (a) - the number refers to the sides of the shape - note that the third pattern contains the symbol for infinity.   

Psychometric testing is used to assess candidates by comparing them with a comparable group of people. The whole area of psychometric testing is a technically complex and often confusing one. Many people (including some who actually use tests professionally!) often misunderstand or misinterpret the terminology and procedures involved.


how do you fail a Psychometric Test ?


It is not possible 'fail' a test although you can improve your test score.

Personality tests do not have a pass mark - they are simply designed to produce an accurate overview of your personality. This is then compared to the profile which the recruiter thinks would make a person more successful at the job in question.

Ability & aptitude tests may have a benchmark or cut-off score, and candidates who score lower than it may not be considered further for the job. Exactly where this cut off point lies is calculated based on a combination of factors including the difficulty of the job, the difficulty of the test, the number of capable applicants and the number of positions.  In simple terms, if there are a large number of positions to fill and a small number of candidates then the employer may be have to set the cut off point much lower than if there were few positions and a large number of applicants. This changes from job to job - so not reaching a cut off point for one application does not mean that  you'll fail to reach it on the next.


show me some examples of Psychometric Tests


Tests are divided into groups which reflect the commonest types of aptitude, ability and personality assessments in general use - verbal reasoning tests, numerical ability tests, abstract / diagrammatic ability tests, spatial / mechanical ability tests and personality tests.


how do i pass a Psychometric Test?


The links on the left give advice as well as information on how tests are designed and used in practice.  We also provide a useful Job Hunter's Guide which provides free advice on a wide range of career issues.


I want to try some Psychometric Tests


Why not try our example tests. We provide an explanation of that particular type of test, plus some free example questions and answers.