Career Guidance and Advice Tests


Also known as : career test, career interest test, vocational guidance questionnaire, career guidance test

Typical length: 100-300+ questions

Typical time to complete: untimed


We've included a brief discussion of these here because if a testing session doesn't go as well as well as you might have hoped the you may find yourself with the opportunity to change jobs!

Career guidance questionnaires are like personality questionnaires in that there are no right or wrong answers, but they differ from personality and ability test in that very often there is no norm or comparison group to which your scores are compared. This makes sense, knowing that  90% of the population want to be an astronaut does not impact on how much you want to be an astronaut!

The questions tend not to ask if you would like to do a certain job, they focus more on asking how much you would enjoy carrying out the behaviours associated with certain types of job. From this your preferences for certain types of job can be calculated and presented in rank order of preference.

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