Spatial Reasoning Ability, 3D Mental Rotation Psychometric Tests



Also known as : spatial reasoning ability, shapes test, mental rotation tests, 3D reasoning, 3D awareness.

Typical length: 30-60 questions

Typical time to complete: 30 - 40 minutes

We can loosely group tests of spatial and mechanical ability together into a general category of technical ability. Tests such as these measure a person’s ability to understand and apply what they know of the characteristics of the physical world to solving problems which require the manipulation of physical objects. 

Mechanical reasoning ability looks specifically at how well a person can understand the basic mechanical and physical principles behind operating machinery, tools, temperature, pressure, geometry and so on. Mechanical reasoning tests are quite specialist so we will just look at spatial ability tests here.

These are concerned with how well a person can manipulate either a 2 or 3 dimensional  object in their head and perform some operation it in the process. A couple of  examples are below. A variation on the theme involves folding or unfolding 3 dimensional objects.

Example Questions (The answers are at the bottom of the page)

Your task here is to look at the target figure and decide which of the rotated figures below is identical to it. If you do not think any of the figures is the same as the target shape then choose the answer option (e) ‘none of these’.

Question 1

Spatial Mechanical Reasoning Test Example Picture

Question 2

Spatial Mechanical Reasoning Test Example Picture


1e 2c